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Determining the health status of individuals who will start a new job and what to do An Entry Health Assessment is required to determine suitability for work. Every employee is required to have this evaluation upon entry to employment.

The suitability of people to work in different business areas, according to risk categories, is determined by the Employment Health Assessment. Evaluating a person's suitability to do the job is a mandatory process. For low-risk or high-risk work areas, employees must be competent in terms of health and safety. If a person is not suitable for the field of work in which he/she will work, it may pose a risk for both himself and his environment. Getting Startedç Health Assessment aims to detect any problems beforehand. Individuals with certain health problems must start working; It is determined by a health assessment. Thus, individuals who are not determined to be suitable for work are separated from those who are suitable.

Is Entry Health Assessment Mandatory?

Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 According to the , employers are obliged to request an "Employment Health Assessment" during the recruitment process.

Within the scope of the labor law no. 4857 and the occupational health and safety law no. 6331, all employees It is required to have an employment health assessment before starting work.

For the Employment Health Assessment, employers are required to do so in accordance with Article 15 titled "Health Surveillance" of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331. çemployees;

“1- When starting a job,

2- When changing job,

3- In case of request when they return to work after repeated absences from work due to a work accident, occupational disease or health,

4- During the continuation of the job, They must obtain a health report stating whether they are suitable for the work they do, at regular intervals determined by the Ministry, according to the nature of the employee and the job and the danger class of the workplace. People who will work in very dangerous jobs cannot start working without a health report showing that they are fit for health.

The person who will be employed must receive this evaluation report to determine whether he is suitable for the job he will do. In order to complete this process, all necessary tests must be carried out before starting work, employment examinations must be carried out and ANNEX-2 health report must be prepared.

Inclusion of the Employment Health Assessment report. Its content (working at height, visual impairment, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, hearing impairment, etc.) and validity periods vary depending on the risk status of the work to be performed.

Job. Health and Safety Law, three;ç has determined the category:

  • Highly Hazardous Workplaces
  • Dangerous Workplaces
  • Less Hazardous Workplaces

This job Local hazard groups have different periodic control times determined by the ministry. In other words, the starting point taken when starting a job; The health assessment report must be renewed after its validity is completed.

  • In less hazardous class workplaces, it must be renewed at the latest. Every 5 years,
  • At the latest in hazardous class workplaces; three Once a year, at the latest in workplaces classified as very dangerous. It must be renewed once a year.

Accordingly, the validity period of the health report for workplaces in the very dangerous class is 1 year. The report must be renewed at the end of 1 year. For workplaces classified as hazardous, the health report is valid for 3 years. In less hazardous class workplaces, these reports are valid for 5 years.

Disabled, young; and pregnant employees must complete pre-employment periodic checks every six months. It is possible to shorten these periods in companies or OSGB companies, depending on the request of the workplace physician.

The expired health report must be updated. Employment health assessment reports that are not updated lose their validity and penalties may be imposed on the employer and employee. Prices of employment health assessment reports vary depending on the tests, analyses, work area and group.

Which Tests Does the Entry Health Assessment Include?

Among the tests that will provide information about the general health status of the employee are Hemogram Test, Lung X-ray, Respiratory Function Test, Full There are tests such as Urinalysis and Audiometry. These tests are useful for everyone and are not related to the job the employee will do. However, depending on the requirements of the job, examinations such as eye tests, porter examinations, and electrocardiography (ECG) may also be performed. The tests required for employment are determined according to the opinion of the workplace physician.

In addition to these tests, depending on the characteristics of the job, preventive flu vaccine, tetanus vaccine, jaundice vaccine may be administered. Vaccinations such as the vaccine can also be administered.

Is There a Penalty for Not Performing an Entry Health Assessment?

There is a penalty for not conducting an employment health assessment. This penalty is imposed on the employer and is 1000TL. The employer is subject to an administrative fine of 1000 Turkish Liras for each employee who is not subjected to health surveillance or who does not receive a health evaluation. This issue is stated as follows in the 26th article of the relevant law. An administrative fine of 1000 Turkish Liras is imposed for each employee who does not receive a health evaluation.

Types of Entry Health Evaluation Report

< strong>Able to Work at Height Report

The report issued by OSGB Workplace Doctors to work at height is based on certain test results and physical examinations. The suitability of the person's health condition for working at height is evaluated. This report includes tests such as ODYO, PFT, Lung X-ray, ECG and Eye test. According to the results of the tests, it shows that the person does not have a health problem that would prevent him from working in high places.

Can Work in Heavy and Hazardous Work Report</p >

The report stating that the worker does not have any health disabilities to work in a dangerous work area is a report that states that the worker can work in heavy and dangerous jobs. With this report, people can find jobs in sectors where heavy and dangerous work is done. In addition to being an official document, it remains valid for one year. The person's fitness level and mental health are among the criteria evaluated.

ÜNIVERSAL OSGB’ An Entry Health Assessment report is also provided.


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