About Us

Universal OSGB joint health and safety unit has many years of experience in the field of occupational medicine and occupational safety expertise. It was founded by professionals who are experienced and want to add a different perspective to the sector.

Our aim is to prevent occupational health and safety processes from being seen as a legal obligation, as well as to prevent them from being seen as a legal obligation, primarily in the companies we work with. To contribute to making occupational health and safety a culture and lifestyle throughout our country.


  • Proactive approaches that should be at the core of occupational health and safety are adopted,
  • Knowing that taking precautions is easier than paying the price,
  • We work to add value to human life with the mission of zero work accidents and occupational diseases in order to realize a healthy and safe working life.

Join us to experience "Universal Solutions in Occupational Health and Safety"...

Joint Health and Safety Unit

Joint health and safety unit (OSGB); In order to meet the occupational health and safety needs of companies, occupational physician, occupational safety specialist and medical personnel are required. They are institutions that provide services and are authorized by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

OSGB; It is an abbreviation for joint health and safety unit.

OSGB; It is an abbreviation for joint health and safety unit. They are units authorized by the Ministry, established by public institutions and organizations, organized industrial zones and companies operating in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 dated 13/1/2011, to provide occupational health and safety services to workplaces, having the necessary equipment and personnel (No. 28512 and Occupational Health and Safety Services Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 29.12.2012).

Requirement to Obtain Occupational Health and Safety Service

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 published in the Official Gazette No. 28339 dated 30.6.2012, the employer is obliged to ensure the work-related health and safety of employees. In this regard, all companies employing one or more employees can fulfill their obligations with the services of workplace physicians, occupational safety specialists and other health personnel they employ within their own organizations or receive from Joint Health and Safety Units, depending on their hazard classes.

İzmir Osgb Balçova Osgb Bayraklı Osgb Bornova Osgb Buca Osgb Çiğli Osgb Gaziemir Osgb Güzelbahçe Osgb Karabağlar Osgb Karşıyaka Osgb Konak Osgb Narlıdere Osgb İŞE GİRİŞ PERİYODİK MUAYENE FORMU (Ek-2) GECE ÇALIŞABİLİR RAPORU YÜKSEKTE ÇALIŞABİLİR RAPORU DENGE TESTİ VE RAPORU AĞIR VE TEHLİKELİ İŞLERDE ÇALIŞABİLME RAPORU / Önceki adı; AĞIR VE TEHLİKELİ İŞLER RAPORU olan sağlık raporu artık EK-2 sağlık raporu olarak değiştirilmiştir. Akciğer Grafisi Odyometri Sft - Solunum Fonksiyon Testi Ekg - Elektrokardiyografi Göz Taraması / Muayenesi Pnömokonyoz Çift Rapor Aşı Uygulamaları EK-2 Sağlık Raporu Tam İdrar Testi Laboratuvar Testleri Hematoloji Biyokimya Seroloji - İmmünoloji Mikrobiyoloji Toksikoloji